• Log in and Link: Access our site with your Steam account. If you haven`t done so already, input your trade link.
  • Select Items: Browse your inventory to pick items you want to trade and choose corresponding items from our bot`s inventory. Click “Trade” to proceed.
  • Confirm Trade: Wait for the trade proposal and then confirm it through Steam.
  • Complete the Trade: Use the Steam mobile authenticator to finalize the trade and enjoy your new items.

To engage in trading, ensure you have:

  • A public Steam inventory.
  • A valid trade link.
  • An activated Steam Guard mobile authenticator.
Yes. Items under cooldown can still be traded for a virtual copy on our platform, which becomes tradable immediately. Once the cooldown ends, you can transfer the item to your Steam inventory.
  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Check the Steam status on our homepage. If it’s green, all systems are normal.
  • Await any ongoing maintenance or Steam delays to resolve. This usually takes no longer than two hours.
Multitrading allows you to trade with multiple bots simultaneously, meaning you can exchange more items at once and receive separate trade offers for each.
  • Untradable: Items have a temporary Steam trade ban, possibly due to recent purchase or trade actions.
  • Overstock: There’s an excess of similar items in our inventory.
Items are considered "unavailable" if their price is highly volatile or if they are of low demand, to avoid stocking low-value items.
Currently, all trades must be initiated through our website to ensure security and reliability.